Saturday, June 30, 2007

Short update

Still on the diet. She hasn't noticed any differences, because he sciatica has been acting up. Today she's on Flexeril and an increased dosage of Topamax, but she doesn't seem to be real loopy. Still just waiting for a "good time".

Heh. Waiting for a good time for a good time.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Orgasm Diet

So more talking and more trying.

We're now trying something called the "Orgasm Diet"... maybe attack this thing from another angle.

Who knows?

Anyways, it's pretty simple...

Low carb, high protien diet (check, already doing that)

No smoking, caffeine, or alcohol (mostly... cutting down the caffeine will be hard but not impossible)

Chocolate - 1 ounce daily of very dark chocolate (65% or more)

Fish oil concentrate - 2g daily of DHA... this amounts to four high-potency fish oil pills, or eight or more of the normal ones.

If there's any good result I'll let you know.