Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Birthday.

Yesterday, Thanksgiving, was my birthday.

I've reached an age where making a big deal out of my birthday is not really welcome. We went out for turkey at Cracker Barrel, and hung out at home. No cake, no presents.

My wife and I had a short but deep conversation about sex last night. Her body just doesn't work right when it comes to sex anymore. She said she has tried masturbating, tried to get the engine running again, but all she gets is sore. No more orgasms. I was nearly in tears by the time she finished.

I asked her whether her imagination still worked... whether she had fantasies, whether she thought about sex. After all... the most important sex organ is the brain. If that works, that's enough for me. I suggested, again, writing stories for each other, or telling stories, or playing on Second Life. She didn't know what Second Life is, I'm hoping she checks it out. Chances are slim but maybe she'll think it's at least silly enough to be fun.

She didnt' say anything definitive. I wouldn't want her to promise anything, if she wasn't ready for it.

We'll see what happens.

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