Monday, February 12, 2007

Had an idea the other night.

One of the things that has been a huge brick wall in the way of our sex life has been the fact that penetration is painful for my wife. She's kind of hung up on the idea that sex has to HAVE penetration, and as a result we don't have any sex at all.

The other night I suggested intercrural sex (between the thighs) and she was favorably disposed to trying it out.

Of course, we do a lot of talking and little doing, so we'll see what happens.


christine said...

I'm glad she was willing to trying intercrural. I'm wondering, this being the first time I've really read this blog, how much you've tried of just basic non-penetration sexual activity? That's one thing I've struggled with my whole life, both as a bisexual woman and a lifestyle submissive: it seems too many people just don't get that sexuality doesn't have to include penetration (tho I'm sure that you, as an erotica writer, don't have that problem :D)

Nobilis said...

We've discussed it but she's got something of a hangup on that point.

Vala said...

nods, it takes work to work thru one's preconceived notions, especially since we're usually not aware of them until they're challenged.
good luck

Nobilis said...

Thank you.

Of course, this whole question is rather moot when she feels too stressed and in too much pain to be interested in sex at all.

But I want to fill up the toolbox with as many