Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another hopeful sign, or else another cruel twist.

Yesterday, she mentioned that she had tried to masturbate in order to relax for sleep, having been suffering from insomnia. It had been a cure in the past. She said it didn't work, that she didn't have an orgasm. Unsaid, was the orgasm diet she's been on for about a month now.

Personally, I took it as a good sign. It means, to me, that she hasn't given up, though she found it discouraging.

I'm hoping to spend a few hours in sensuality sometime soon and see if approaching it with a mindset less likely to set her up for failure will improve things.


Anonymous said...

Masterubation is a good thing, to fall asleep!

eventide said...

hey man.
how is it going.

i stranger. just happened across this...

Nobilis said...

Not a lot of change, or else I'd post something.