Saturday, June 05, 2010

Nothing to Say

Things haven't changed much. Counseling is over (costs too much) and communication has slowed to a crawl.

I started this blog with a hope that my experiences would help other people in similar circumstances, but I can't see how month after month of same-old-same-old will help anyone.

I'm sorry.

I will post if anything changes, either for the better or for the worse, but if it isn't already obvious, this blog is on indefinite hiatus.


Sue said...

I stumbled upon this today. I wonder about the coincidence of your only update in almost a year being written on the same day I find this. ? Not sure today if anything means anything.

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry that things are going the way they are. You have my support and prayers.

Nobilis Reed said...

Thank you, sincerely, for your sympathy.

It has been my experience that life does not move in slow progress. Things happen all at once or not at all, and sometimes one must be patient.

me said...

Some friends of mine have found benefits through books -- one particularly good one is "The Five Love Languages" -- it mentions actions that make you feel loved and help with starting a conversation so that you and your spouse can both express to each other the things they do that make you feel cared for. With the goal for both of you to do these things. There's also a great counselor online that I have used, Al Turtle ( who is cheaper than a counselor and does some great work. The articles on his site alone are worth reading. Wishing you much peace. -asplenia

Nobilis Reed said...

Thank you, Asplenia.

A natural impulse when hearing about these events is to offer advice, but that's really not why I've posted my experiences here.