Saturday, May 06, 2006


The kids didn't wake us up this morning... we just kind of woke up. Well rested, I asked if she wanted some coffee. She said it would be wonderful.

I went down, made some coffee, warmed up one of her favorite scones in the microwave, got some cookies and some crackers and some cheese. We sat and ate breakfast and listened to "Car Talk". When we had finished eating, I asked her how she was doing, and with the caffeine and food and all, she said she was alright. I asked her for a handjob, and she said yes.

I lay back with a towel over my belly and she got some lube (yeah, we still keep it around) and she started up. It was good... very good. I was right on the brink for ... well, it seemed like forever, but it must have been about ten minutes. Finally, she got frustrated with the lack of "results" (I was perfectly happy the way things were going) and she lubed herself up and started to sit astride. That position's really bad for her knees, though, so I told her to get on her hands and knees, we started fucking doggie-style. Because my legs are rather long, I usually put one knee down, and one up and to the side with my foot on the bed.

It wasn't the best sex I've ever had... but after... how long? End of november. I just checked the list. After that long, I'm certainly not going to complain. It was wonderful, and close, and I couldn't have spent my morning better.

After she had cleaned up and I had had a shower, I offered to reciprocate, because she hadn't had an orgasm, but she demurred, and maybe I'll do that for her tomorrow.

So... better.

We talked about making it a regular saturday morning thing. She was okay with that.

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