Sunday, May 04, 2008

Another Small Victory

We managed to follow the marriage counselor's instructions this morning and had an intimate moment. It took some engineering--medicine, coffee, a pain patch--but we managed to have an enjoyable morning in spite of everything.

After we had our breakfast and showers, we lay down beside each other and fooled around a bit, and when I started getting hard I lubed up and straddled her chest for another round of "intramammary intercourse." In the middle of it she said, "Go ahead, give it to me" and that shot me even higher.

I miss having sex with her... I miss it so much that the orgasms I have there are far more intense than when I masturbate.

After we were done I told her about a corner of the spectrum of D/s sexplay called "Orgasm Control". I told her about some of the ways people use it for sex play, and told her that I found it arousing when she told me to orgasm... and I'd like it more if we extended the play a bit.

She can be something of a prude sometimes, expressing disgust at some practices and complete disinterest in others, but this seems not to have set off any triggers for her. I hope we can explore this area a bit more in future sessions.

She seems to be getting used to the idea that she doesn't have to be feeling her best in order for us to be intimate. Today was definitely not her best day; her neck was sore and she felt a little tired, but she still managed.

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