Monday, April 21, 2008


We went to see the therapist, Kathy, on Saturday. She's been unable to see us for a while due to some health problems, but she's back in the saddle, and so are we.

We told her about the successful sexual encounter and we focused a lot on how to recreate the circumstances that made that possible, and making it a regular part of our relationship rather than a fluke. She gave us the task to recreate those circumstances Sunday morning, mostly consisting of:

1> I get up around 8am
2> Bring her coffee, medicine, and food around 9am
3> Let things develop in an attitude of hopefulness rather than expectation.

It didn't work. Her back was too painful, and instead of any kind of sexual activity, she had me get some lidocaine patches for her back. I'm really not disappointed, though. I'm looking forward to next weekend when we can try again.

I'm thinking that there are aspects of this that require some preparation on Dee's part, to make it more likely that she will wake up without back problems, but I'm not sure what those are.

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