Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sleeping on the couch

Is this irony?

Sleeping on the couch is a cliche for a marriage in trouble. The couple is sitting in bed, talking about something... money, sex, what have you... and something finally breaks. Someone has had it, and he or she either grabs a pillow and blanket and goes down to sleep on the couch, or else exiles the other to do the same.

The first night that she slept in the recliner, I felt terribly alone. The second night was worse. I knew I couldn't take any more. So I started sleeping on the couch. It's not as good as sleeping snuggled up against her back, one arm wrapped around her, like hours-long hug, but at least I'm in the same room with her.

That's about the extent of our intimacy. "At least I'm in the same room with her."

This has to change. It's just getting worse. It has to change now. Illness be damned. I'm not standing up for this.

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