Sunday, February 19, 2006

Goodbye, Roxicet

She's getting off the roxicet. For those of you who aren't in the pharmaceutical know, roxicet is an opiate painkiller. So that's good news, right?

Yes, in the long term. It's a milestone we've been working towards steadily.

In the short term, we're dealing with withdrawal. Which is an absolute bitch.

And starting tomorrow, I'm going to be working eleven hour days.

This is not going to be fun.


Pixie Puck said...

I wish you guys lots of luck.

I know how its hard to watch a loved one in pain and constantly needing medication for it, since my mom got hurt back in '96 shes been on massive amounts of pain killers and when she wasn't she was in so much agony that it was painful for everyone to watch her, so she went back and is living a much more normal life for her. (My mom also has the equivalency of a horse's resistance to these things so one dose for her is usually between 4-5 pills)

I really hope the weaning off goes good and that you guys don't have it too tough. If I prayed, you'd be in my prayers, but for now you're both in my heart and on my mind, so be good.

Nobilis said...

Thanks, Puck. It means a lot to me to hear that.