Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Oh, my GOD, an INCREDIBLE breakthrough.

I was listening to the Whispered Pearls podcast last night (link in the title) and in passing Michelle mentioned that she would never spend five minutes staring into the eyes of a total stranger... it was far too intimate an experience.

And my jaw hit the desk.

Of course.

We don't have to move. She can take whatever position is comfortable. And since it's not anything we have done in the past (at least, not since we were newlyweds) it's not in a path that would lead to anything more. (she doesn't want to 'make out' because she's worried I'd get worked up and then she'd feel guilty for not going further) It's perfect.

So we did it.

Last night, lying in bed, she and I just lay there and stared into each others eyes. There was a little talk, and a few smiles, but she didn't start giggling (like she thought she would) and I didn't get bored (like I feared I might) and it was a beautiful, intimate connection.

Just what I've been missing.

Michelle... you may not have known it, but you have given me the best Valentine's Day gift I have ever gotten.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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Pixie Puck said...

I'm so glad this worked out for you two! I'm so happy! Yay!