Friday, June 16, 2006

IM conversation

Okay, so here's a conversation we had over IM today, while I was at work.
Be sure to read the second page
me: Well shit
I've been trying to tell you that for years
*HER*: I keep telling you, if the actual act wasn't p ainful I'd be after you a lot more
me: What actual act?
*HER*: that's the appointment tomorrow, btw.
no, intercourse. It's been very painful for several years.
me: I'm not that kind of guy, babe
12:53 PM I don't have to stick it in to have sex
*HER*: I know, but I feel bad... and then I get feeling worse, and there goes the libido.
me: Okay
*HER*: I'm working on it, okay?
me: So what you're saying is that you think I'd rather have no sex at all, than be told I can't have intercourse with you, after doing other stuff?
12:54 PM *HER*: This IS NOT rational.
My apologies.
me: No, it's not.
12:55 PM *HER*: this is MY reaction, not yours, and it doesn't have anything to do with my feelings for you. It's my feelings about myself.
me: That may be but it sure as hell has an impact on me
12:56 PM All this time I thought it was because you just weren't interested because of the drugs and the pain.
*HER*: I also feel in such pain a lot of the time that even if it didn't hurt I wasn't interested, so that's true
12:57 PM me: So wait
*HER*: Both things are true
me: "I keep telling you, if the actual act wasn't painful I'd be after you a lot more " <<< style="font-style: italic;">(note: The psychiatrist)
*HER*: Maybe
1:07 PM depends on the kids, really.
1:09 PM We have a lot of work to do with them, and it's important, too
5 minutes
1:15 PM *HER*: Maybe more important day to day.
me: Whether or not you're having a migraine has a big impact on the kids welfare.
1:16 PM *HER*: It does
me: Whether or not we're having sex has an impact on whether you're migraining
*HER*: possibly
me: possibly
It's at least worth looking into
If I've got a migraine cure behind my teeth I think you'd want to know about it
*HER*: That's what the appointment is for tomorrow.
1:17 PM There's stuff that acts as lubricant and possibly estrogen cream to make things easier, less painful
but she'll want to check the plumbing
1:18 PM me: And that's the doctor you're seeing tomorrow?
*HER*: Sure, She does pelvic exams
me: ::running around screaming and banging into walls::
I thought you were going to the neurologist about migraines
1:19 PM *HER*: I did that YESTERDAY, partially
me: I thought that was the EMG
*HER*: but painful sex is common in fibromyalgia.
The doctor was there, so I asked her.
me: Painful /intercourse/
1:20 PM *HER*: Okay, painful intercourse. Sorry
me: Equating those two is one of the things that's hurting us
*HER*: ::nod:: sorry
*ME*, I'm juggling as much as I can
1:21 PM me: I'm sorry.
I'm getting all worked up over this
*HER*: I have to get out of pain, I have to get unfogged, I have to be able to walk, I have to keep house, I have to get back to work...
1:22 PM notice that all of these things are not getting doen.
me: They're certainly not all going to get done at the same time

GRAAAAH! What the fuck!? Is this crazy or what???

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