Monday, June 05, 2006

Pain Meds, Part Two

My initial reactions were in error.

The pain has gotten steadily worse, to the point now that she cannot get out of her recliner without a cane, and then can hardly move.

The doctor refuses to talk to her on the phone, return her phone calls or emails. He is not recommending that she come in for a consultation. The only questions he will answer are "No, I won't prescribe more medication today" and "No, I'm not firing you as a patient."

The doctor has not said if or when he will prescribe medication again, he has not said what she is to do about her increasing pain or her increasing disability as a result of it. He's being a complete and total shit. If he has some reason for denying her medication, he has the responsibility, no, the DUTY to tell her what's going on.

She's becoming increasingly irritable, depressed, and desperate. We are on track to completely derail our honeymoon plans. If this is still going on next month, I am going to cancel our reservations; there's no point if she can't climb the stairs to the room.

This is, of course, making me more depressed, anxious, and upset, and the kids are likewise getting into the act. I'm trying to maintain a calm demeanor but it's becoming harder and harder.

I'm back in hell.

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