Friday, December 23, 2005

Deliciously Naughty in my headphones

By now, of course, my loyal readers (all three of you) will know about Ellie Lumpesse's "Bedroom Radio." Add another sexy voice with an erotic podcast to my list.

Kristen of "Deliciously Naughty" has a lovely voice and knows how to produce good audio quality. I've listened to her three podcasts so far (haven't yet started the Victorian erotica multi-chapter story) and I'm thrilled with them.

Which leads me to the topic of sex, and headphones, and wires.

I almost always have a pair of headphones on when I masturbate, with "Bedroom Radio", or any of a number of other erotic audio files running. The wife and I have talked about having her record something for me, but so far we haven't actually done it.

Pixie (see the Pixie at Play link to the right) uses headphones regularly in her bondage-play.

My wife uses a TENS unit for pain relief on a regular basis, and of course being the internet sexhound I am, I investigated the erotic potential (so to speak) of the device and found an interesting twist... put one electrode on me and another on her, and then "complete the circuit" with some conductive, water-based lube.

So. Electro-stim, audio feedback, turn on the current...

Of course that's just a fantasy for the time being, but maybe someday I'll get to try it out.

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Pixie Puck said...

Now THAT sounds interesting!

From what I hear its a very erotic thing.. They have entire websites devoted to electro-porn (ok, so thats not the real title, but whatever, you get the general idea..)

Hope some day you get to try it so you can tell me what its like!