Friday, December 16, 2005

Yet another setback


My wife had some trouble getting our daughter out of the car today (she was being a total bitsch by all accounts) and threw her back out. So this saturday is a wash, too... the chances of her being in any mood for anything tomorrow are very slim.

I wanted to talk about how it's not appropriate for her to be trying to armtwist an eleven year old girl, but given her mood I think I did the right thing to skip it. I'd rather be happy than right.

I've decided to stop reading Summer Camp long enough to finish Our Robot. I'm at chapter 27 of book 3, so I don't feel in any rush to get it done before he starts book 4. The book's an incredible emotional rollercoaster. I can't read much of it at a time anyways. A little rest will be good for me.

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