Saturday, December 17, 2005

I take what I can get.

She has a migraine this morning. It's to be expected; she always gets a migraine after a fall.

She asked me to rub her temples. I knelt by her recliner and massaged her temples, and jaw muscles, and stroked her cheek and her head. I am feeling almost more emotion than I can contain, because it's the most touch we have been allowed in days. I can't show it now, though, because the kids are around, and they wouldn't understand.


Pixie Puck said...

You can't show physicality around your kids?

I guess that seems a little odd to me. I grew up with only my mom, but I always pictured a mom and dad being physical. I'm not talking fucking on the kitchen table, but the occasional kiss and kid's response of "ewwwwww!"

I guess its all in where you stand.

Nobilis said...

Oh, I can show physicality.

I just can't burst into tears. They wouldn't understand.

We love to kiss and make the kids go "Ewww!"

Pixie Puck said...

oh! okay, I completely misunderstood that then. I apologize.

And it must be fun to make kids go "ewwww" lol