Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Erotic christmas

On the way to work today, I had something of an inspiration. Whether it turns out to be of any use, time will tell.

My wife was driving. I turned off This Week In Tech and said, "Okay... so let's take a couple things as given... one, I'm a clueless, insensitive man, and two, since your recovery started your body and mind worked differently than before. You say your libido is coming back... that means you're getting turned on sometimes, right?"


"So what's turning you on these days? I don't know what to do to turn you on anymore."

She had to think about that.

"Tell you what," I said. "Think about it. Tell me what you want for Christmas that's erotic. An erotic Christmas present." I suggested 1> I write an erotic story for her with whatever elements she wants, 2> Script and record an erotic MP3 story, or 3> Buy her whatever porno DVD she wants.

She said #1 or #3 would be fine, but in either case she wanted "plot, character, drama..."

Which is fine. Now I know I can write... but I wonder what porno DVD can there be, that has plot, character, drama AND doesn't have any lesbian scenes? (She hates lesbian scenes).

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