Thursday, December 15, 2005

My google-fu is strong

Okay... my task... find a porn DVD that satisfies the following requirements:

1> A maximum of plot, character, drama - that is, a "Feature."
2> No lesbian sex
3> A minimum of surgery

First hit: "Island Fever"

Review excerpt: " It seemed like every part of the movie followed the same order of events. Girl poses in beautiful outdoor setting. Girl masturbates. Then guy shows up. Then she blows him. Then they have sex. Then they caress. There was no veering from the plan at all. So it became monotonous."

No thanks.

Second hit: "Adrenaline"

Review excerpt: " Overall: Currently, Adrenaline can be found online for between $14 and $25 with most stores offering it for $22 and up. For $14 this should be on almost every adult film fan’s shelf. Both the movie and the sex are great. It sounds great but the video has a few minor flaws, none of which really interfere with the movie, and some grain which might turn some people off."

Sounds like a winner.

So I go looking for it.

$5.95, plus $2.99 shipping. Booyah. I got me a porno.

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Necca said...

If you want something that has a plot drama, and minimum surgery, you should try old school, from the 70's and such. As far as no lesbian sex, can't help you out there.