Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Feeling better today

It's amazing how much stress exercise can burn off. I did my calisthenics routine this morning, and I feel MUCH better. I should have done it yesterday.

I've been doing the calisthenics routine for about three weeks. It's a pretty simple workout. Let me see if I can remember it without running and getting my outline:

3 minutes running in place to warm up
25 jumping jacks (now boosted to 35)
15 crunches (now boosted to 20)
10 hip bridges (now boosted to 15)
1 minute step-ups
10 reverse crunches (now boosted to 15)
1 minute mountain climbers
10 knee push-ups (now boosted to 3 "true" pushups and 7 knee pushups)
30 squat thrusts in one minute

I think that's all of it.

I am pushing the crunches until I feel it burning. I have a bit of a gut and I'm finding that the crunches are helping to trim it in a little - the muscles are holding it in a little, without consciously "sucking it in".

The squat thrusts are still kicking my ass. I was able to do 13 today before I started getting dizzy, and afterwards my heart rate was over 170. I pushed that one a bit too far. I'll crank back to 12 on thursday.

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